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Conozca comentarios y opiniones de Inntu Hotel para descubrir de primera mano cómo es nuestro hotel ecointeligente de Medellín. Conozca las opiniones de nuestros huéspedes y todas sus valoraciones sobre el Inntu Hotel.

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USA,, Medekkin, 25/03/2020

InnTu is the only hotel I have ever stayed ai in Colombia. . Need I say any more ? Lew Berry

USA, 24/12/2019

Please give Juan a raise!!! He was amazing. Always around and always helpful. I forgot something important in my room and when I returned to Medellín a few days later the front desk was unable to locate my item... however, once Juan found out he searched high and low until it was found. He is the best!

Colombia, 16/12/2019

Nos encanta, su ubicación, servicio e instalaciones.

United States, 20/11/2019

Everything is good except the internet, which is unacceptably slow. I could get better internet using my cellphone as a hotspot. This is very important to me and I will seek an alternate hotel in Medellin if this is not fixed. I am now at the Habitel in Bogota and the internet is very fast. No excuse for this!

Colombia, 16/10/2019

Todo muy agradable

Colombia, 15/10/2019

Muy buena opción para visitar Medellín de negocios o turismo